Newborn Photography Portfolio

Newborn Photography shoots in Midrand, Sandton and anywhere else in Gauteng.

Welcoming a new little person to the family is a momentous occasion and calls for celebration. 

Newborn babies change so quickly without you even noticing so there is no better time to join us in our studio in Midrand for a newborn photography sesion where we capture your beautiful baby alone, mom and baby, dad and baby and then the new family together. We also travel to anywhere in Gauteng to do Newborn Photoshoots on-location.

Enjoy our Newborn Photography Gallery below.

Newborn Photography Gallery


Reasons to have Newborn Photography done

There are many reasons to do a newborn shoot, here are a few:
Your beautiful baby will never be the same as while they are a newborn. Those little lips, finger nails, eye lashes are so precious and you will want to hold onto them to last a lifetime. Welcoming a new member of the family is a momentous occasion that should be honoured and remembered for ever. Our newborn shoots include shots with baby alone, baby with Mom, baby with Dad and then the new family together.

No need to stress, we allocate enough time to our newborn shoots so that we work according to baby’s pace. We stop for feeds, changes and cuddles. Newborn photo shoot books and canvasses make for ideal gifts for family members. This is particularly popular with our Grandparents

Baby photography sesions can be done in the comfort of your home where baby is more settled or in our fully equipped studio in Midrand. There is no deadline in terms of age and when you should do your newborn shoot. We have captured babies up to 6 weeks of age successfully.


Newborn Photography Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don’t want to take baby out of the home yet; can we do our Newborn Shoot at home?
Absolutely, your home makes for the perfect setting for your newborn shoot. We bring everything that we need to you, in the comfort of your own home.
2. How many people can be included in the shoot?
We include Mom, Dad and siblings into the shoot however you are most welcome to include any other family members such as Granny and Grandpa if you so wish.
3. How long does baby photography sessions take?
We schedule 3 hours for a newborn shoot so that we do not need to rush and so that we can work according to baby’s pace
4. We don’t know what to wear?
Dont worry about this, we have got you covered and will even assist you with a mood board so that you can prepare. In general however light pastel solid colors work really well with a Newborn Photo Shoot. Avoid any clothing with stripes, patterns and logos for the best results
5. We want prints and canvasses?
We offer a full quality professional printing service that can be delivered directly to your home. Enquire for pricing and options.


Newborn Photography Packages

We have a number of newborn photography props, newborn photography ideas and newborn photography poses that add to the variety of photographs captured.

Your baby will never be the same as they are when a newborn. Capture this very special stage of their life with a newborn photo shoot. It is best to capture your newborn baby before they are 1 month old. Newborn Photography shoot duration is 3 hours which means that we work according to baby’s pace and stop for feeds, changes and cuddles. Included in your newborn photo shoot is a personalised 24 page A4 soft cover album to cherish your memories.

Contact us to discuss your Newborn Photography requirements or book a photoshoot now.

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