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As a professional photographer and family portrait photographer, I communicate clearly with you from start to finish, aiming to uphold real and magical moments with every mesmerizing image you get from me. As a photographer in Midrand, I also have a studio in Midrand, near Fourways and Sandton. My commitment goes beyond professionalism; it’s about creating an experience where you’ll want to keep coming back for the genuine memories I capture.

Professional Photographer

I imagine a world of joy, genuine connections, and top-notch professionalism. With professional photographs, I capture your memories and the moments shared in your photoshoot. I want to be your go-to photographer in Midrand for capturing special memories with passion and making a lasting impact in photography.

My Story

Starting my photography journey in Fourways, Midrand, and Sandton with Light Affair Photography was unexpectedly inspiring, much like a captivating movie plot twist. Guided by my artistic dad, I ventured into photography through an unplanned detour. Apart from struggling with technical aspects in photography courses, I eventually abandoned formal lessons, fueled by embarrassment as I was not growing nor learning anything. Undeterred, I experimented at home, from mastering newborn photography poses to capturing massive weddings, turning my passion into a business without prior professional photoshoots. Building a portfolio posed challenges, with early photoshoots far from award-worthy. Three years of trial and error, grappling with editing software, and facing setbacks followed.
Amid tears, frustration, and technical difficulties, thoughts of giving up crossed my mind, but with passion comes a drive for success. Fueled by a love for people and the arts, I persevered. Over a decade later, I am now one of the best-rated photographers in Midrand, Fourways, and Sandton aiming to tell your story with passion. As an entrepreneur navigating trends and technology, I continue to learn daily. As a photography novice, I’ve evolved into a blend of nostalgia, resilience, and immense gratitude for this transformative journey. Every challenge has not only shaped my career but also left a lasting mark on who I am today, Gauteng’s best-rated photographer with nearly 400 5-star Google reviews. I am sure you will join the ranks of my happy clients.

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