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Introducing Our New Cake Smash Photography Sets

Experience magic with our new cake smash photoshoot sets! Crafted for joy, these backdrops capture memorable moments with your little ones. Each set offers a unique, visually stunning experience. We bring your vision to life, whether it’s a theme or specific ideas. Vibrant colors, playful props, and whimsy ensure every moment is happy and everlasting.

Light Affair Photography Cake Smash Photoshoot

Tailored for Your Little Star

Your child’s joy is central to our cake smash photoshoot sessions. We create an environment for your little star to shine, with sets designed to engage their curiosity and evoke genuine delight. From soft textures to enticing decorations, we consider every detail for a visually appealing and enjoyable experience. Our photographers specialize in capturing spontaneous, heartwarming moments during your session. Prioritizing your child’s comfort and happiness, we ensure each photograph reflects their unique personality and charm.

Create Memories That Last a Lifetime

Light Affair Photography transforms cake smash photoshoot moments into lasting memories. Beyond cute pictures, our sessions are about creating cherished memories for you and your child to revisit with joy. While our sets provide a magical backdrop, it’s the genuine smiles and laughter that make the photos truly special. Celebrating your child’s milestones, our sessions become a memorable chapter in your little ones journey. From the first taste of cake to the delightful mess that follows, each snapshot tells a story of happiness, curiosity, and the pure joy of childhood.

Your Vision, Your Cake Smash Experience


Your cake smash photoshoot ideas matter to us. Our sets at Light Affair Photography are customizable to match your vision and preferences. Dreaming of a specific theme, color scheme, or personal elements? We’re here to collaborate and create a unique photoshoot experience reflecting your style.

Share your thoughts with our team, and let’s design a set that perfectly complements the essence of your celebration. From classic themes to innovative concepts, the possibilities are endless.

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